Easy, Inexpensive Winter Decor Ideas

Hey Friends! We’re back! That last bit of 2016 was rough, wasn’t it?  We took a break over the holidays to just spend some time with our family – you can read about it some here – but with 2017 in full swing, we’re so happy to be back in gear with some great projects to share with you.  We’re going to kick off the new year with some easy, inexpensive winter decor ideas that anyone can do!

When I say inexpensive, I mean it!  I bought most of the materials at Walmart during their after Christmas clearance sale -our local Walmart still has some things 75% off, so go grab you some winter decor!  Don’t forget to check other places too for some steals – Hobby Lobby especially, because they love to fire sale their winter stuff after Christmas.

I’ll be the first to admit that I’m no professional decorator.  Getting things to look just right can be a chore for us – a lot of trial and error.  But there was just something about these things I’m going to show you that really captured a winter feel for us.  I loved the stuff I came up with so much that I had to share it with you.

The first thing I made was a small wreath to hang over our fireplace.  I used a small foam wreath form I got at Dollar Tree ($1, baby!) and wrapped it twice.  The first time around was gold tinsel, then I topped it with white shimmery tinsel.  I also grabbed a few clip on ornaments that were only $.75 a piece, and I stuck this golden owl in the center.  I think it’s super cute!

Easy and Inexpensive Winter Decor from Sprinkles and Sawdust!

Next I took our adorable 2×4 snowmen  and just changed out their red and green scarves with this adorable shimmery golden ribbon!

Easy and Inexpensive Winter Decor from Sprinkles and Sawdust!

Then I took my adorbs birch tree candle holders from Fair Trade Friday (made by women in the Ukraine – Fair Trade Friday only sources product that give opportunities to traditionally impoverished people groups around the world and pay fair wages!) and wrapped them in some of the beads left over from my sister-in-law’s wedding.  Super cute and world changing! (Check out Fair Trade Friday here!)

Easy and Inexpensive Winter Decor from Sprinkles and Sawdust!

I changed out our Christmas pictures with updated family pictures in a Chocolate Black and White (using this action for Photoshop from The Coffee Shop Blog!)

Easy and Inexpensive Winter Decor from Sprinkles and Sawdust!

Then I ran a string of white lights all through my favorite find at Canton Trade Days (Only $5!)

Easy and Inexpensive Winter Decor from Sprinkles and Sawdust!

Grab some pinecones from your yard (or if you’re like me, there are no pine trees anywhere near you so you buy some at Wal-Mart), and lightly spray paint some of them gold, silver, and white. I decided to add them to my cute coral lantern with a string of fairy lights!

I made a few paper bag stars and hung them from the ceiling with some simple snowflake ornaments.  I used a different variety of leftover beads for this project.

And lastly, I took all the snowflakes I could find and made a new wintery door hanger.  A little beading and hot glue made this winter decor project super easy and fast!

Here’s a wide shot of our media wall in our living room with all our bits of decor.  Ignore my husband playing race car games while I was trying to take pictures!

Easy and Inexpensive Winter Decor from Sprinkles and Sawdust!

And with the lights off.  The picture doesn’t do this justice – it has such a warm and inviting glow!

Easy and Inexpensive Winter Decor from Sprinkles and Sawdust!

Oh!  And I’ve got a BONUS for you guys with this post!  One of the things I made for our shelves was this adorable printable in a frame:

Easy and Inexpensive Winter Decor from Sprinkles and Sawdust!

You want it?  Of course you do!  You can download it here in PDF or JPG!

There are lots of places you can go and spend a lot of money on various pieces of winter decor for your home, but getting your home into the mood of the season doesn’t have to break the bank!  Let us know what you think in the comments below, or on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram!

Get your home in the winter mood with these cheap, easy ideas for winter decorating from Sprinkles and Sawdust! Includes a FREE printable! Click Through to get it!









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  1. Glad to see I’m not the only one who makes some small changes to some of my Christmas decorations to extend their use for a few more months! You have so many clever ideas here..especially love the lights inside the star, the hot chocolate sign, and (although you didn’t mention it) the suitcase of books on the floor. Super cool!

    • Thank you Susan! That suitcase belonged to my great-grandparents. I’ve had it forever and finally decided it would be cute with children’s books! I love having it in here…it reminds me of them! <3

  2. Super cute ideas. I especially love the door hanger and the lights with pinecones in the lantern. My house looks so bare now that I’ve taken down my Christmas decor 🙁 (It’s funny how I thought it looked fine before, lol!) It’s time to cozy mine up like you did!

    • I know Beth! I love my house before my Christmas decor, and then once it’s gone it seems gloomy and empty. The winter decor has helped it feel cozy and also helped me not be so sad about taking our Christmas stuff down. 🙂

  3. Fun ideas! My fave is the birch logs with candles in them. And your link to Canton Trade Days reminds me that I’ve been wanting to go there forever… ~Tui aka @TuiSnider on Twitter dropping by via #MondayBlogs TuiSnider.com

  4. I love the swap out on the snowmen!

    -Clarissa @ The View From Here

  5. marketing65info

    January 9, 2017 at 11:57 am

    Very innovative for the cost. We will have to remember this for next year.

  6. It all looks so homey! 🙂 Obsessed with those birch candle holders!

    • Thank you so much! I absolutely love them as well, and I love that an artisan group in Ukraine made them, and I especially love that our purchase helped provide them with a job (and dignity)!!

      Sorry, that was kind of preachy, but I get so excited about Fair Trade Friday! 🙂 <3

  7. I love the pictures you put out! Too cute!

  8. amazing ideas. everything looks lovely

  9. Gosh this is awesome, the wall looks amazing! I hope you have diy tutorials too, I’ll be checking out the rest of your posts!
    Expressing Life

  10. thejohnsonplusdog

    January 10, 2017 at 12:25 pm

    Very cute ideas here!!! I love them all! Last week I scored some after christmas stuff at Hobby Lobby for …. 90% off!!!!!!!!!!! Love those crazy after Christmas sales.

  11. Love the snowmen! I also really like the suggestion of just adding lights to existing decor items – beautiful and so easy!

  12. I’m needing a winter door hanger. Great ideas.!!

  13. What a great idea to dress up the candle holder with beads. So simple yet so elegant! – Amy @ http://thegiftedgabber.com/

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