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31 Days of Handmade Christmas: DIY Guitar Hook

Leslie’s family is one full of musicians.  Her grandmother has been teaching piano for decades, and taught her when she was young.  Leslie plays the piano, french horn (and most other brass instruments to some degree), and even has a degree in music education.  Her mom and all of her aunts and uncles play piano and other instruments.  Her sister is currently the drum major for the local high school marching band and excels at the euphonium.  Her brother is a pretty great guitar player, and now her stepfather is picking it up, too.

Needless to say, music runs pretty hard in our blood.  We just recently celebrated her stepdad’s birthday and I put together this guitar hook for him.  It makes a great Christmas gift for any musician and it’s especially awesome because it’s so customizable – not to mention stupid easy and inexpensive to make!

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Workshop Project: DIY Pallet Lightboxes!

I’ve got such a backlog of projects.  There’s a list of stuff I’ve got to build for an upcoming craft show, a list of stuff I’m planning to build for posting on here – not to mention the list of things I need to build for the house.  These, though, I made a priority, mainly because they’re just so stinkin’ cool, you guys.

Leslie was actually the one that generated this idea last year when we were prepping for a Christmas show.  She was looking at some kind of stained-glass nativity look with the silhouette in front of the glass.  From there we brainstormed and thought about different ways we could diffuse the light behind a silhouette to make it look awesome.  That jam session then became this:

Nativity Lightbox by Sprinkles and Sawdust

It sold immediately at the show and I had to convince the buyer to let me keep it for the night so I could continue to show it.  Because of that I ended up selling five more!  We even took the idea to another level when we decorated the exterior of our house:


Exterior Lit Nativity by Sprinkles and Sawdust

That’s another post, though. Stay tuned around Christmastime!

So here we are building for another craft show, and of course I have to build a few of these because apparently people in this area eat ’em up.  And since I’m doing them anyway, it’s time to share!

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Shop Safety for the Total Goober, Part 2

In my previous post, Shop Safety for the Total Goober, Part 1, we established a commonly-overlooked fact about most of us weekend DIY-ers and woodworkers:  we’re goobers.  We take shortcuts – heck, there are entire blogs out there about said shortcuts.  After all, who has time to do everything a professional contractor or woodworker does?  We have day jobs, ya’ll.

Why yes, Ron, yes it is.

Why yes, Ron, yes it is.

But as we also established in the previous post, shortcuts are bad when it comes to safety.  They’re a great way to lose an eye or a finger or worse.  And while the two we covered previously – eye protection and ear protection – are probably the most important, there are a few other major things that you should consider before getting out this weekend and busting up those pallets you found.

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Shop Safety for the Total Goober, Part 1

So here’s the deal:  most people don’t take shop safety seriously when they’re doing projects.  It really doesn’t matter how many times it’s hammered into our heads (great metaphor for a post about safety, genius) – we’re just going to run out there real quick to make a fast cut to this piece or it’s just one nail from the nail gun what harm can it do, right?  We don’t need to suit up with all that safety stuff for that mess.


Yeah, that’s you.  And me, honestly, because I’m guilty of it too.  Safety gear can be a pain, it’s uncomfortable, and it makes you look like Rick Moranis in Honey, I Shrunk The Kids.


The giant bugs in this movie freak me out.

You may think he looks like a goober, but believe me – better to look like a goober than blow sawdust in your eyes or put a nail through your hand and prove you actually are one.

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How-To: DIY Batmobile Twin Bed From A Race Car Bed

I’m starting off with one of my very favorite DIY projects – the Batmobile!  What strapping young superhero fan wouldn’t want a Batmobile bed of their own?  Miles ate it up for a time, until he decided trains were way cooler than Batman, much to my consternation.  I assume it’s a phase and he’ll come back around to the universal truth that Batman is clearly the coolest thing.  Like ever.  But hey, he’s 4, so I’ll let him think that hauling freight is better than, say, fighting crime and having insane bat-gadgets and being the only hero DC can apparently make a decent movie out of and, uh, what was I talking about?  Oh yeah, Miles.  Yeah, he likes trains now.

But that’s a different project for a different post!

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