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31 Days of Handmade Christmas: Soap Gift Sets

Here in our little town, we have the cutest family that makes the most fragrant, wonderful soaps and lotions you’ve ever used!

Soap Gift Set: 31 Days of Handmade Christmas | Sprinkles and Sawdust

They’re called Arrows and Oaks, and they own a five acre farm in our neighboring town.  They found themselves with an abundance of goat milk and decided to find a use for it. And because of that inventive spirit, they now own a small business that ships their delightful items nationwide!

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31 Days of Handmade Christmas: Rustic Chalkboard

So far the things we’ve done for 31 Days of Handmade Christmas have fallen into two categories:  decor or gifts.  This one’s no different, but it can be used as either!

Chalkboards are so hot right now, guys.  They’re all over Pinterest and Etsy.  And they’re even better if you have a knack for lettering.

so hot right now.

Mugatu knows.

So today I’m throwing together a couple of easy, fast rustic chalkboards that make great gifts or decor on a shelf.  These come together in less than an hour and cost me about $10 because I used scrap wood.  Total cost might run to $20 or more if you buy new wood.

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31 Days of Handmade Christmas: DIY Guitar Hook

Leslie’s family is one full of musicians.  Her grandmother has been teaching piano for decades, and taught her when she was young.  Leslie plays the piano, french horn (and most other brass instruments to some degree), and even has a degree in music education.  Her mom and all of her aunts and uncles play piano and other instruments.  Her sister is currently the drum major for the local high school marching band and excels at the euphonium.  Her brother is a pretty great guitar player, and now her stepfather is picking it up, too.

Needless to say, music runs pretty hard in our blood.  We just recently celebrated her stepdad’s birthday and I put together this guitar hook for him.  It makes a great Christmas gift for any musician and it’s especially awesome because it’s so customizable – not to mention stupid easy and inexpensive to make!

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Anatomy of a Craft Booth Failure (And How To Avoid It)

While we haven’t talked about it much here, we have a physical presence for Sprinkles and Sawdust – we’ve done several craft shows and farmer’s markets, and occasionally have seen some success.  We haven’t done as many as some folks have because we want to spend most of our weekends with our kiddos, but we’ve managed to make it to a few.  This past weekend we did our biggest potential event yet – a craft booth at a city-wide event much like a county fair.

I’ll sum up how well we did with an image:

Dumpster Fire!


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Getting Crafty: Back to School Banner!

Tomorrow is the big day! Back to school! My Ellabug is going to KINDERGARTEN! She is all prepped…school supplies have been purchased, backpack is all packed up, got a few new outfits, and met her awesome teacher!

*There would be a picture here of her and her new teacher, but our youngest was being a toot and attempting to set a new record for most noise violations in a school zone*



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Getting Crafty: Back to School Teacher Gifts

My sweet and silly 6-year-old is starting Kindergarten next week.  Next week people! Where did the time go?! I, naturally, am a huge mix of emotions as we prepare to send her off to school for the first time.  But she’s more than prepared (she’s been going to a 2 day a week program since she was itty bitty), she’s plenty mature, and she’s a bundle of joy.  I mean, just look at her!


My beautiful girl

She gets her silly faces from her daddy

I wanted to give her teacher a special little teacher gift for her first day of school, so I put this together real quick and I thought I’d share it with y’all.  I used some of the homemade granola that we made earlier this week and put together a simple tutorial and a FREE best ever printable!

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