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31 Days of Handmade Christmas: Christmas Wreath Pistachio Cake

Oh boy, have I got a treat for you today! I am very excited to share this recipe and idea with you!Christmas Wreath Pistachio Cake: 31 Days of Handmade Christmas | Sprinkles and Sawdust

This is a pistachio cake – it’s kind of uncommon (I actually hadn’t heard of it until I met Matt).  Matt’s grandmother used to make these for he and his brother’s birthday every year and they absolutely LOVE it.  Nowadays she doesn’t bake much anymore, but I got passed down the recipe and now it’s our family tradition too.   Normally we just make this as a bundt cake with a sugar glaze on top, but the shape of it just lent itself to being turned into a Christmas Wreath cake. It’s quick and easy to put together and makes a stunning gift or dessert for any Christmas get together!

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31 Days of Handmade Christmas: Peppermint Hot Cocoa

Mmmm, I love me some hot cocoa! Especially when it’s rich and warm, accompanied by chocolate chips and peppermint pieces.  Here in Texas, October means cooler weather, but when we say “cooler” down here we mean mid-80s.  But with Christmas comes winter weather, and then you don’t really have an excuse anymore, do you?

To be honest, we don’t even really care if it’s cold or not.  Hot cocoa is awesome any time you want it, even if it’s hot outside.  People don’t only drink hot coffee in cooler weather.  Why not cocoa, right?

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31 Days of Handmade Christmas: Mini Banana Bread

For Day 2 of our 31 Days of Handmade Christmas Series, we’re going to make Mini Banana Bread Loaves! These are super easy to put together, they’re inexpensive, and they’re just adorable.

Grab some mini loaf pans from Walmart (or find some here), your ingredients, some adorable scrapbook paper, and some ribbon! Follow the directions below for the BEST banana bread you’ll ever have!
Adorable & Simple Mini Banana Bread - 31 Days of Handmade Christmas | Sprinkles and Sawdust

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10 Fall Recipes You’ve GOTTA Try!

Here in central Texas the weather has FINALLY gotten cooler.  The morning air is crisp, and it doesn’t feel like you’re on the surface of the sun anymore in the afternoons.  I have the windows open this morning so we can enjoy the fresh breeze throughout our home. It’s got me feeling like this…

10 Fall Recipes You've GOTTA Try from Sprinkles and Sawdust!

This beautiful weather has me ready to make some delicious comfort food, so I thought I’d share with you my top 10 fall recipes that you’ve GOTTA try!

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Recipe Time: Pumpkin White Chocolate Granola

You know the only thing better than homemade granola?

Like Pumpkin?? Click here for an AMAZING Pumpkin White Chocolate Granola Recipe from Sprinkles and Sawdust!

Pumpkin Granola.

Not just Pumpkin Granola, but Pumpkin Granola with White Chocolate Chips.

And it’s super easy to make.  Just take our original Homemade Granola recipe, add some pumpkin puree and pumpkin pie spice, and you’re set.

Like Pumpkin?? Click here for an AMAZING Pumpkin White Chocolate Granola Recipe from Sprinkles and Sawdust!

Once it cools, stir in your white chocolate chips, and eat your heart out!

Like Pumpkin?? Click here for an AMAZING Pumpkin White Chocolate Granola Recipe from Sprinkles and Sawdust!

Let us know here, on Facebook, or on Twitter if you give this recipe a try!

Like Pumpkin?? Click here for an AMAZING Pumpkin White Chocolate Granola Recipe from Sprinkles and Sawdust!

We have linked up to some AWESOME parties today – Check them out!! 🙂

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blog-hop-feautredPumpkin White Chocolate Granola, guys. Seriously. It's so easy too! Click through to get the recipe!


Recipe Time: Best EVER Buttercream

Y’all.  If you haven’t made buttercream from scratch yet, let me enlighten you.  It is SUPER easy.  Like, quite possibly, the easiest recipe I’ve ever made.  And it is delicious, and fluffy, and light, and, in the words of my husband, “good”.


Plus, it’s a HUGE hit every single time I make it.

Yeah...that's not lipstick. That's icing, baby!

Yeah…that’s not lipstick. That’s icing, baby!

That's how we eat cupcakes in this family.

That’s how we eat cupcakes in this family.

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Recipe Time: Pumpkin Cream Cheese Muffins

Fall is right around the corner, and you know what that means.  PUMPKIN SPICE EVERYTHING!

Pumpkin spice

Pumpkin Spice Cereal, Pumpkin Spice Chapstick, Pumpkin Spice Candy, Pumpkin Spice Toilet Paper…you get the picture.

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Recipe Time: Fresh Apple Pie!

They say there’s nothing better than a hot, fresh apple pie.  Who’s they?  I dunno, but they’re totally right!

Okay, so maybe there are a couple of things that are better.  Like sleeping in on a Saturday without your children coming in and jumping on your bed and stealing your phone so they can fight over the Chuck-E-Cheese game and wake up their younger brother.  Or digging your toes in the sand while listening to the waves crash into the shore.  But that’s about it.

Use this recipe to make the freshest, easiest, most delicious apple pie you've ever made. Uses all fresh ingredients! Click through for the full recipe!

The best thing about this apple pie is that it is so simple, with so few ingredients, that you could probably head into your kitchen right now and have it ready to bake in less than 20 minutes.  How awesome is that?  There are so many recipes that are probably amazing that I just can’t get the time or energy to engage.  Whoever makes those clearly doesn’t have children.

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Recipe Time: No Roll Flaky Pie Crust

I have a secret to share with you, friends.  This one’s a gold mine, I promise!  I have made countless pies with this crust recipe and it is always perfect.  I can’t tell you the number of compliments I’ve gotten on my flaky, delicious pie crust.  And now, I’m going to share my secret with you lovely people!

An easy, quick, perfect, no roll flaky pie crust.

Sprinkles and Sawdust No Roll, Easy, Flaky, Pie Crust!

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Recipe Time: Blackberry Cobbler!

Let’s be honest here, blackberries are not my favorite.  They’re generally too tart for my liking, they’re expensive (oh man are they expensive right now!), and they’re covered in seeds (the seeds are insanely good for you, but personally I’m just not a fan of the texture).

But this…oh boy. This is heaven.

Blackberry Cobbler (29)

Homemade. Blackberry. Cobbler.

Oh boy is it good.  The tartness of the blackberries goes right along with the sweet, almost cake-like cobbler topping.  Like best friends drinking sweet tea on the front porch…or the way the colors blend during a Texas sunset…or…or…

Or macaroni and cheese.

Cobbler is super simple, y’all.  It’s just basic ingredients that come together in an amazing way to make this simple but oh-so-yummy treat.

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