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2016 is almost over.  Most of me is ecstatic to see it go, but the other part of me needs to take a moment to see it for what it was.  It was sprinkled with all sorts of ups and downs, highs and lows, like every year.  But I feel like before I can dive head first into 2017, I have to examine what 2016 brought our family. Continue reading

31 Days of Handmade Christmas: Christmas Card and Cookie Exchange

It’s officially Christmas Season, and you know what that means…

Parties Galore! 




Work parties, family get-togethers, Church celebrations.  So many opportunities to enjoy time with people you love eating delicious food.

I was recently invited by a dear friend of mine to attend a Christmas Card and Cookie Exchange party, and it was wonderful!  I just couldn’t wait to share it with you guys!

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Thanksgiving, Politics, and Pecan Pie

I’m going to digress from making stuff for a little bit, because I think there’s some things that should be said.  It’s Thanksgiving Week, which is for many people the start of the best time of year.  We love it.  Our families are all very close-knit and geographically together, so we get to enjoy a lot of great family time here during the holidays.  But this year is apparently going to be different for a lot of people.

A cursory glance through the news reports this week are picking up fun headlines like this:

More Than a Third of Americans Say Idea of Talking Politics at Thanksgiving Stresses Them Out (ABC News)

How To Talk Politics With Your Family At Thanksgiving This Year (CNN)

A Handy Self-Care Guide For When Politics Come Up At Thanksgiving (Huffington Post)

How to Survive Thanksgiving Dinner Politics (

How to Avoid a Political Showdown at the Thanksgiving Table, with Etiquette Expert Lizzie Post (People)

If You Must Talk Politics At Thanksgiving, Here’s How (The Atlantic)

Thanksgiving in Time of Trump: Millions Preparing for Main Discourse (NBC News)

And then there’s these:

The Election Is Getting People Uninvited To Thanksgiving (USA Today)

To Kelcey Caulder, 22, the division is painfully real. The college student from Athens, Ga., feels its looming presence every time she thinks about her grandma, a Trump supporter and ardent opponent of abortion rights.

They haven’t talked much since Caulder’s grandma found out that Caulder was voting for Democrat Hillary Clinton and told her granddaughter bluntly, “You’re going to hell.”

Caulder tried to be understanding.

“I think, in her way, she was trying to be protective of me,” Caulder said. “She wasn’t saying ‘Kelcey, go to hell.’ It was more like she was saying, ‘Kelcey, don’t you know this could send you to hell?’ ”

But when her grandma unfriended her on Facebook, Caulder said, it was hard not to take it personally. Now, she is nervous about Thanksgiving, although she hopes the family dinner could be a chance to reconcile.

“After Trump’s election: ‘There are two Americas now.’”, Washington Post


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31 Days of Handmade Christmas: Our 5 Favorite Christmas Traditions

We. Love. Christmas.

As if you couldn’t tell yet since we’re making 31 posts in a row about it.

We’ve spent a good amount of time this month making and baking things for Handmade Christmas, and we want to take a break for a bit from that to look at other things we love about Christmas.  For us, Christmas is all about spending time with family, and today we wanted to share with you our own family traditions at Christmastime:

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