Getting Crafty: Back to School Teacher Gifts

My sweet and silly 6-year-old is starting Kindergarten next week.  Next week people! Where did the time go?! I, naturally, am a huge mix of emotions as we prepare to send her off to school for the first time.  But she’s more than prepared (she’s been going to a 2 day a week program since she was itty bitty), she’s plenty mature, and she’s a bundle of joy.  I mean, just look at her!


My beautiful girl

She gets her silly faces from her daddy

I wanted to give her teacher a special little teacher gift for her first day of school, so I put this together real quick and I thought I’d share it with y’all.  I used some of the homemade granola that we made earlier this week and put together a simple tutorial and a FREE best ever printable!

Getting Started

Here’s what you need: a mason jar with a ring and lid (small, medium, or large), some scissors, fabric or cute scrapbook paper, ribbon, a hole punch, and your printable.

Teacher Gift (7)

Yeah, those are kid scissors.  Welcome to my world, where we have like 14 pairs of scissors BUT WE CAN NEVER FIND ANY OF THEM.  Anyway, trace the lid on the scrapbook paper and cut out the circle.

Yay circles!

Then, place the lid, paper, and ring on the jar.  Wrap your ribbon around the rim of the jar and tie a simple knot.  After you cut out the printable, punch a hole in the top corner and slide it on the ribbon.

Then tie a cute bow and you’re done!

Super simple bow

Super simple bow

Simple and Sweet

My hubby was jealous that this huge jar of granola wasn’t for him…

It’s cute, sweet, and oh so simple to make.  And it’s guaranteed to please!  Listen, you probably don’t know the true trials of being a teacher in today’s school system.  I taught in public school for five years and it can be harrowing.  Even the simplest gestures of kindness (like a teacher gift) from parents and kids meant so much.

A Simple Variation

You can also ditch the paper and use some gingham (or any other adorable) fabric.  Just cut a circle slightly bigger than your lid.  Then place the lid, fabric, and ring on top of the jar.  I used twine, but you can use whatever ribbon you prefer to attach the printable.

A perfect circle isn't necessary.

A perfect circle isn’t necessary.

It’s a thoughtful, handmade gift that any teacher would love! Trust me, at the beginning of the year, they’ll appreciate a wholesome, tasty treat that will give them some sustained energy!

Teacher Gift (11)

Click to download your FREE best ever printable in PDF or JPEG format!

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Back To School Teacher Gifts by Sprinkles and Sawdust



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  1. Looks so good. Have you considered our Arts and Crafts Fair , Oct.15? You two are so talented. The picture of our little girl is adorable. Love you guys.

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