2016-08-06 20.03.05

That’s us.  Yeah, I know, we’re awesome.  I mean, just look at us.

The hot one making a silly face is Leslie.  That weird guy is Matt (that’s me, sporting my actual full-time face).  We’re a small-town couple from Texas who like to do stuff.

What kind of stuff, you ask?  Spinkles and Sawdust.  No, no, not literal sprinkles and sawdust, because that would be wierd and not at all interesting.  The sprinkles are very awesome baked goods and the sawdust is very awesome DIY projects and woodworking creations.  We do both.

But Matt!  You need a niche!  

Sure, sure, blogs are supposed to only be about one thing.  But seriously, whose life is just only one thing?  Besides, then we wouldn’t get to show you all of the awesome things we do, like these:


And these:


Right?  Told you we’re awesome.

We also have three awesome kids – Ella (6), Miles (4), and Max (1):

2016-07-18 18.45.33

They’re named after jazz greats because that’s an awesome way to name your kids.

Who are we?

Didn’t you just read up there?  I’m Matt, she’s Leslie, 3 kids, do stuff.  Honestly.

What do we do?

What, are you interrogating us?  On the 30th of January at 9:15 PM we were at home watching TV.  Ask anyone!

Oh, you want to know about the stuff we do.

Leslie’s the sprinkles – she’s an expert baker whose specialty is awesome cupcakes.  Just look at those pictures up there.  Trust me, they’re even better than they look.

Matt (again, that’s me) is the sawdust – saw-slinger extraordinaire and pallet genius.  Ain’t it great to get to write your own description? 

Do you sell stuff?

I thought you’d never ask.  What?  You didn’t ask?  You got to ask all those other questions, I just assumed you asked this one too.

Well, humor us.

Why yes!  We do sell stuff, but that’s not all this blog is about.  Leslie sells cupcakes and baked goods locally because of Texas’ wonderful Cottage Food Law (unfortunately we can only sell locally under the law).  Matt, however, has an Etsy shop where we sell the various things we make.  Check it out and throw us a favorite or two!