31 Days of Handmade Christmas: Our 5 Favorite Christmas Traditions

We. Love. Christmas.

As if you couldn’t tell yet since we’re making 31 posts in a row about it.

We’ve spent a good amount of time this month making and baking things for Handmade Christmas, and we want to take a break for a bit from that to look at other things we love about Christmas.  For us, Christmas is all about spending time with family, and today we wanted to share with you our own family traditions at Christmastime:

Our 5 Fave Christmas Traditions!

1.) Matching Christmas Jammies

This is a must-have, guys.  Every Christmas picture you’ve ever seen has the kiddos in matching pajamas.  Every year we buy our kids matching Christmas pajamas and some years we even buy two sets.  They’re just too cute when they’re all matchy matchy!

31 Days of Handmade Christmas - Our 5 Favorite Christmas Traditions! Sprinkles and Sawdust

Awww, see? Too cute!

31 Days of Handmade Christmas - Our 5 Favorite Christmas Traditions! Sprinkles and Sawdust


31 Days of Handmade Christmas - Our 5 Favorite Christmas Traditions! Sprinkles and Sawdust

We’ve found matching pajamas at Children’s Place, Amazon, Gymboree, and Carters in the past.  They’re all pretty good about having designs in multiple sizes.

2.) North Pole Breakfast

We usually decorate for Christmas before Thanksgiving (sorry, early Christmas haters).  But we like to kick off the Christmas season with a bang, too.  Every year, the morning after Thanksgiving, we invite all of our nieces and nephews over for a special breakfast.  Everyone wears their Christmas Jammies, and we make a fun breakfast for the kids (and adults) to enjoy!  The kids love it, and it can be as low stress or as extravagant as you want it to be!  It’s also when our Elf on the Shelf makes his first appearance of the season.

31 Days of Handmade Christmas - Our 5 Favorite Christmas Traditions! Sprinkles and Sawdust


31 Days of Handmade Christmas - Our 5 Favorite Christmas Traditions! Sprinkles and Sawdust

We normally do breakfast casseroles and powdered donuts, but I think these would be fun!



3.) Cocoa, Cookies, and Christmas Lights

Every year, we pick a night in late December, have our kids put on their Christmas Jammies (now you see why Christmas Pajamas are #1 on our list!) and make them think they’re about to go to bed.  Then we hop in the car, give them cups of Hot Cocoa and fresh baked cookies and drive around looking at Christmas lights!

31 Days of Handmade Christmas - Our 5 Favorite Christmas Traditions! Sprinkles and Sawdust

It’s a tradition we’ve passed down from our own childhoods and is really special to the kids!

4.) Big Band Christmas Music

It’s a strong opinion of ours that honestly barely any great Christmas music has been written since the sixties.  I mean, think about what truly timeless Christmas music is out there – it’s mostly the classic stuff, from folks like Sinatra and Bing Crosby and Nat King Cole.  That’s the good stuff, and we play it non-stop through the season.  Nothing really gets you in the Christmas mood like the sound of the classic Christmas music from the greats.  Here’s a couple that should be essential to your collection:

Ella wishes you a Swinging Christmas

A Jolly Christmas from Frank Sinatra

The Andy Williams Christmas Album

5.) Christmas Eve Service at our Church

31 Days of Handmade Christmas - Our 5 Favorite Christmas Traditions! Sprinkles and Sawdust

We have a simple candlelight service on Christmas Eve.  We sing carols and light candles and read the story of the birth of Christ.  It’s such a great time to refocus and center us on what’s important during the season.

What kind of traditions do you guys have at Christmas?  Let us know in the comments, or on Facebook and Twitter!

Every family needs fun Christmas traditions! Here's 5 of ours that we do with our kids! Our Favorite Christmas Traditions - 31 Days of Handmade Christmas by Sprinkles and Sawdust!

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  1. I love the adorable matching Jammie’s!

    • Thanks Mandi! It’s something we always look forward to getting for our kiddos…we’ve got to enjoy it before they get too old, right?! 🙂

  2. Our family is HUGE about Christmas and my boys know that the day after Thanksgiving is MFDY ~ Mom’s Favorite Day of the Year!! From a special breakfast in the morning to decorating all day to the Christmas movie we watch that night – that’s the start of it! LOL. Thanks for sharing your traditions and I look forward to reading more as the season rolls around!

  3. My family drove around in pajamas with hot chocolate to see Christmas lights too! When I was an au pair, I drove my kids around to look at the lights, although we didn’t do hot chocolate. My husband and I don’t have kids, but he indulges my love for all the lights. We devote one night to driving around too.

  4. This is so adorable. Thank you for sharing.

  5. These sound like wonderful ideas for Christmas. Makes me excited for the upcoming season.

  6. Those are great ideas. I may need to guest post on mine!

  7. These are all great traditions. The matching pajamas so cute.It is so nice to have your own traditions for children to do when they get older with there families.

  8. Christmas traditions are the best! Can’t wait to start some with our growing family.

  9. We take our kids on Christmas Eve to look at Christmas lights before Santa comes. Even though they are now teens and adults, we still do this! We also decorate our house up big for Christmas every year (and by that I mean we have to start putting up the outside lights on November 1st in order to be done by Dec 1) http://nuttyhiker.com/2015-christmas-light-show-harker-heights-fort-hood/

    • Oh my goodness Bridget! You’re like a Christmas Celebrity! We don’t live far from you guys…we might have to head that way during December sometime! Your house is absolutely beautiful, and so much fun!! 🙂

  10. This post is really getting me in the holiday spirit! So gorgeous!

    Jenna from http://www.visionsofvogue.com

  11. I love Christmas too! Love the matching PJs 🙂 It’s hard for me to pick just one tradition, though Christmas eve mass and dinner is right up there. Plus Christmas lunch at my grandma’s house 🙂

    • Thanks so much Jolina! The matching PJs are fun, but I agree with you…Christmas Eve service might be my favorite part of Christmas. 🙂

  12. We do the first three as well. I love family Christmas traditions. Thanks for sharing.

  13. I love christmas traditions 🙂 I’m a big Christmas fan and cant wait for the 1st of December so we can start our elf on the shelf antics xx

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